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The Last Wild Island : Saving Tetepare

This is the story of Tetepare, the largest uninhabited island and one of the conservation gems of the South Pacific.

Author : John Read

Launched in Adelaide May 2011

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Dr. Ross W. Wein, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, Canada

"An inspirational adventure by an observant and passionate storyteller" - Dick Smith

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Tales in the Sand

Tales in the Sand

This book is a practical field guide to the identification of arid zone fauna using tracks and other signs. Photos, measurements, identification tips and distribution maps are provided for a range of mammal, reptiles, bird and invertebrate species. The book outlines a national monitoring technique for rare arid zone species based on a repeatable, standardised series of track monitoring sites. This guide is designed to be used by a range of stakeholders including indigenous groups, landholders, naturalists, field biologists and the general public.

Authors : Katherine Moseby, Theresa Nano, Rick Southgate

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Red Sand Green Heart explains how the unique wildlife and vegetation of the Australian outback have been shaped by the harsh climate of this vast, infertile land.

In recent years indigenous groups have been joined by pastoralists, conservationists, miners, tourists and military, communications and transport users as key stakeholders in the outback.

Red Sand Green Heart documents exciting new discoveries and describes the fascinating life of some of the Outback’s most interesting creatures.

The roles of different industries, organisations and the public in outback conservation, which is vital to prevent the extinctions that are still occurring today are also explored.

Through vivid, personal stories John shares his experiences as an ecologist making new discoveries, challenging conventional approaches to pastoralism, mining, tourism and environmental management, and witnessing the precarious balance of nature as species are pitted against the harsh climate of the outback.

Red Sand Green Heart – The award winning book ‘Red Sand Green Heart: Ecological Adventures in the Outback’ has been revised and updated with two new chapters. The revised edition can be accessed as an ebook as well from Arid Recovery or Amazon. – see attached press release

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Presented in a non-scientific way, Red Sand, Green Heart: Ecological Adventures in the Outback evokes a humorous, entertaining and informative picture of Australia’s desert region and the environmental issues that affect us all.

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"From taipan snakes and pelicans to hippie activists and hardline miners, John Read brings to life the characters, creatures and cultures of the outback."

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